Megalink Insurance Brokers Ltd



  • The natural business tendency of Insurer dealing direct with an insured is to give minimum cover at maximum cost. A broker seeks to reverse this and ensures that client has maximum cover at minimum cost.


  • A broker can assist in the reduction of premium commitments by deciding when it is judicious to apply for “Special Rating” and in the case of motor insurance by ensuring that No claims Bonus entitlements are properly applied. In all other classes of business, premium is a matter of negotiation, and here a broker’s knowledge of the market is of the utmost benefit.


  • The Broker has the entire insurance market at his disposal and knows each insurance company’s strength and its weaknesses. He does substantial business with all of them and can bring the weight of his accounts to bear in promoting the interests of his individual client.


  • A Broker will assist in the presentation and prosecution of claim and can be of invaluable assistance in tipping the scales in favour of his clients on contentious claims.


  • A  Broker provides an individual service to his client by regularly reviewing his insurance need, providing analysis and reports and by regular personal visits to your premises to keep himself up to date with your requirements.


  • A Broker will save you valuable time and money because you will not have to search for the best deal or chase up claims yourself.


  • A Broker has access to worldwide markets so as to always keep up with innovative trends. He also has access to foreign contacts.


  • Most operative clauses on the Insurance policy are technical in nature and some are not favourable to Clients. A broker who knows the implication of every clause because of experience will negotiate for a favourable contract in favour of the client.


  • The broker is out to protect the interest of the insured since he knows that the satisfaction of his client guarantee his existence.


  • Above all the Broker’s services are FREE of any charge to the client.